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Soft Touch® Lace

  • Artikelnr:AD-98
  • Storlekar:8-11
  • Material:Bambu/polyesterhandske doppad i nitril
  • Förpackning:12/144

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Soft Touch® Lace (AD-98)

Seamless knitted bamboo / polyester glove dipped in nitrile in the inner hand and over the fingertips. Bamboo fibers have unique properties such as softness, good breathability, natural antibacterial and washability. In combination with polyester, a very good wear resistance is also obtained. Thanks to the special knitting technique together with the nitrile dipping, the glove has an extremely good grip and can advantageously be used for all types of precision work. The glove is silicone free, solvent free and leaves no fingerprints.

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